Interaction Designer


Hi, I'm Hanley. I make cool interactive installations. Studied Design Computing (DECO) at the University of Sydney (USYD) and Cognitive Science (CogSci) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Hi there

I'm Hanley, an Interaction (UX/UI) Designer. I design for the moments when we interact with devices, services, and people. 

I've been at the Google Creative Lab, a teacher, an interactive media artist, a researcher, and an alumni of Design Computing (USYD) & Cognitive Science (UCSD). I travel all over to collaborate with diverse people in Human-Centered Design and emerging technologies ๐Ÿš€ โ€“ evolving ideas from concept, to production, and beyond. 

I'm also a foodie ๐Ÿ, snowboarder ๐Ÿ‚, lover of boardgames and hackathons.

Tool Chest

My focus on User Experiences and Interaction Design is supplemented by Research, Visual, & Software experiences. These skills are used in diverse collaborations across various platforms (web, iOS, Android, TV, physical installations). They help contribute to dynamic plans and iterative design processes.

  • Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Photoshop, โ€จIllustrator
  • Motion Graphics: After Effects, Flash, some Sound Design
  • 3D, VFX: Maya, Cinema 4D
  • Data Visualization, Geospatial Visualization, GIS
  • Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Human-Centered Design, Information Architecture, wireframes, storyboards, user flows, research, & testing
  • Sketch, Keynote, Xcode Storyboards, Omnigraffle, Quartz, Sticky Notes,
  • Interaction Paradigms; haptic, voice, gestures, context, for Natural User Interfaces
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Data Analysis, Gephi, Weka
  • Processing, WebGL, openFrameworks, Arduino. C++, Swift, Java, Objective-C
  • Kinect, Leap Motion, eye tracking, Virtual Reality, AR, chatbots, multi-touch-tables
  • Voice UI, Computer Vision, Sensor Data, Beacons
  • AI, Machine Learning, AWS: Cloud Computing, Deep Learning


  • (2017) Winning Team at Refugee Hack Summit: Hong, H., Lai, J., Mani, P., Singh, S., Szerlip S., Vizcaino, D., Weng, H., Wu, Y., Zhao, C. Aspire: Empowering Refugees towards Financial Freedom
  • (2017) Honorable Mention in Civic Projects at DevWeek (PubNub): Hughs, K., Daniel, C., Weng, H. 
    VR environment for American ESL primary school students: A Design Process and Interactive Prototype.
  • (2016) Nominated for a Cannes Design Lions award, 2016: 
    Visual Editions, Google Creative Lab team. Editions at Play.
  • (2014) Winning Team for 2014 Hectic Game Jam: Wilton J., Ho, X., Weng H.
    Golden Fleece: A projected projectile-powered installation.
  • (2012) Best of ICAM (Interdisciplinary Computing and Arts) โ€“ UC San Diego
  • (2012) Provost Honors Spring Quarter โ€“ University of California, San Diego
  • (2012) Winning Team for 2012 Media Architecture Biennale Design Competition (Aarhus, Denmark): Mitchell, MC., Weng, H., Yang, E., Khoo, K., (2012) Cycle Shift.
  • (2012) Runners-Up Team for 2012 OzChi Design Challenge: Mitchell, MC., Weng, H., Yang, E., Carter, M., Younis, A., (2012) State of Mind.
  • (2011) University of Sydney's Academic Prize
  • (2011) Winning Team for 2011 OzChi Design Challenge: Minchella, L., Mitchell, MC., Taulu, G., Weng, H., Yu, D., (2011) The Lift as Curator: A Serendipitous Design Process.
  • (2011) Winner of the Straight-Line Planar Graph; Weng, H. For the Graph Drawing Contest, from the 2011 Graph Drawing Symposium (GD).
  • (2010) Finalist Team for 2010 OzChi Design Challenge: Chahine, T., Chau, C., Weng, H., Yambe, R., Yick, C. Footsteps: an urban game to encourage social interaction in networked spaces.
  • (2009, 2010, 2011) Dean's List of Excellence โ€“ University of Sydney
  • (2009) Commonwealth Scholarship โ€“ University of Sydney


Btw, the name's Hanley Weng, the Interaction Designer, Henley Wang is a misspelling.

Fun Fact: Sign Languages are not universal, like any language, they take on the unique characteristics of their countriesโ€™ culture and history.