Interaction Designer



Wunderman-Bienalto (WPP)

Throughout the years I've helped different clients with their web-services. During my time at Wunderman-Bienalto (WPP), I facilitated Australia’s largest brands in iterating on, and creating new websites. We built social campaigns, optimized webpages, and used A/B tests to continuously improve experiences. Here are a few past clients and their associated sites:

Roles & Processes

I've facilitated the optimization of experiences and KPIs by: hosting brainstorming sessions, consulting on installations, creating and A/B testing designs, performing data and network analysis, and seeing products through iterative cycles of feedback and development. 

Below are a few miscellaneous glimpses of processes – of wireframes, IA, redlines, brainstorms, and prototypes. (  πŸ”’ Public image size for this gallery is restricted β€“ to find out more, Get in Touch. )

Cantonese Tools

Research into Cantonese language users revealed many people have difficulty finding resources to learn or write the language. In addition to better information, we also uncovered desires for bilingual Cantonese-English dictation and the display of phonetics accompanying Cantonese-Chinese characters.

Cantonese Tools is an ongoing service that collects resources for learning and writing Cantonese. Cantonese users, especially adult learners and bilingual Cantonese speakers currently have unmet needs. We're working to help find and create the tools needed to satisfy these needs.

The instructional site helps 1,500 visitors monthly, 85% who are new users. (Google Analytics, Dec 2018)

Editions at Play

Desktop, Mobile, and Responsive website designs were constructed for the Editions at Play project at the Google Creative Lab.

Typing Signs

A website and multiple web-apps were constructed, and continuously updated. Part of ongoing research to improve services for Sign Languages such as American Sign Language. 


Additional websites, webpages, and web-apps have been created for different clients. This is in addition to the use of Web Analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics) to improve user experiences. Some of these Designs involve CMS' like Drupal or Wordpress, and others are created from scratch. To find out more, Get in Touch.