Interaction Designer

Visitor Kiosk – Australian Museum

Australian Museum Visit Planning Kiosk

The Computer Human Adapted Interaction research group (CHAI), as part of Smart Services CRC, was contacted by the Australian Museum to design multi-user touch table experiences.

The design for a 'Visit Planning Kiosk' was created following a series of ethnographic user studies with the Australian Museum. The design involved the creation of user-oriented interaction paradigms and UI elements that were previously non-existent on the multi-touch system.

During the process, design assets and interactive prototypes were also completed for interactions between interactive walls, mobile, and other table top applications. A 2-minute prototype video was also produced.

The applications was created predominantly in the Cruiser Multi-touch Operating System in C++, with assets drawn manually using Adobe Suite, and procedurally via data mining & visualization. 



Many thanks to Anthony Collins of Cruiser Interactive who was a great mentor. Also to friends and colleagues whom were working on their own applications but were always there to offer helpful insights and wonderfully tangential conversations: Peter Ward, Cameron Silvestrini, Adam Gawronski and George Zhang.